Wifi Router Protection

Wifi Router Protection

ROUTERPROTECT developed after years of research, trials and testings is a patented, revolutionary solution to the enormous problem of constant wireless radiation of WLAN router devices. It contains complex 'Premium Protect Shield' technology for reflection and absorption (attenuation) of high-frequency radiation. Wireless internet connection remains still active, but without potential risk to health.
Using ROUTERPROTECT product is very simple - it takes only few seconds to place it on an external antenna of a WLAN router device.


  • Protect your home/office/premise from continuous exposure to hazardous radiation emitted from Wi-Fi router
  • It contains radiation shield with high protective effect of 98.5%
  • Router Protect functions without disturbing your Wi-Fi connection speed
  • Made in Europe. Raw materials from Germany, Japan, Italy and Austria
  • Every single piece is tested & certified

Technical Specifications

Frequency MHz dBm1 dBm2 Shielding% Shielding dB
2400 69,17 51,72 98,30% 17,45
2600 69,00 47,18 99,10% 21,82
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