Anti Radiation Window Shielding Films

Anti Radiation Window Shielding Films

Glass is completely transparent to radiation and so are the windows. Our metal coated window films reflect and reduce the mobile / cellphone tower radiation to safeguard your house / office from its adverse effects. Installation will be done by our experts.


  • Nearly Transparent
  • Reduces radiation by 95-99% and 15-20 dBm
  • Easy to install. Can be fixed on any type of glass
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • All our products are tested and certified by European Labs, IIT Mumbai and Govt. of India

Technical Specifications

  • Radiation safe window films are imported from Germany.
  • Reduces radiation by 95-99% i.e. 12-15 dBm
  • Radiation effectiveness varies cluster to cluster depending on mobile tower antenna position and location
  • Nearly Transparent, Easy to install. Can be fixed on any type of glass
  • This film also absorbs solar radiation
  • % Solar Energy Transmission- 43%
  • % Solar Energy Reflection-Exterior- 27%
  • % Solar Energy Absorption- 30%
  • %Glare Reduction- 32 %
  • Warranty: 5 years
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