About Us

Solacecare is a company headquartered in New Delhi, India and has been studying the impact of various Natural, Environmental and Man-made Radiations and developed solutions to improve the health parameters of human beings affected by these Radiations.

Telecommunication, internet and devices – these are extremely powerful agents for change in modern communication scenario. However we know every good thing has other side, same is with telecom systems. Increased number of Telecom users gives growth to Electromagnetic Radiation – which has serious effects on individual and public health. Having spent considerable time in the industry, we understand the debate and reality of the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.

We are a strong team of like minded individuals who have worked with the telecommunication industry for well over a decade; our sole focus is to create awareness & protect people from the harmful mobile phone tower radiation. To do so we bring to you an exclusive patented technology from Europe, IIT Mumbai, Approved by Govt. of India and European Labs – These innovative radiation solutions can be easily integrated in your home / office / premises. We also provide Shielding Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Radiation Exposure.

Backed by leading experts in the domain of Electromagnetic Radiation and dedicated professionals, we are driven by a passion for a secure, sustainable and harmonious lifestyle within the relentless modern day regimes. We work by measure, analyze, implement and control rule for minimizing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR).

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